Saturday, August 29, 2009

My New Album

Hi, I am going to tell you guys the song that will be in my new album that will be released this winter. The name of the album is S.T.O.N.E. (Still The 1 Never Ends).

1. Only Once

In this life, you only got one chance and only one opportunity to show your true talent. Once there is an opportunity, you must go ahead and grab it because once that chance had flew away, you might not get it back.

2. The 1

This song is dedicated to my first love. She is my true lover and friend. It is a feeling that I have that she is the perfect one for me. I'm sure you all out there also have a lover of your own, therefore I sing this song in a slow classic way so that you all can appreciate the love of your life and not make a fool out of them.

3. Cerita Kedai Mamak

I collaborated with Malique in this song. This song is trying to send a message to the new artist in the industry. You need to listen carefully to the lyrics in order to understand the message.

4. Black Diamond

Teenagers is actually an asset to the country. They one day will join force and be a leader for the country. Unfortunately, as you all can see for yourselves, the attitude and behaviour of young teenagers this day are the opposite of what we aspect. Crime and violent is done by those that are educated. This teenagers are diamond, but no longer and asset, we are only a liability.

5. Stand

Stand for what is right. Do not be scared to share your thoughts or opinion. Ignore what people say, because you are also 'people'. Forever never be someones dog. Stand!.

6. Salt

To all people who loves salt.

7. Bila nak raya

Who doesn't like Hari Raya. I'm sure everyone does regardless of age. When the day has come, it is the best day ever. We can eat anything and everything on that day. For those who fast during the fasting month will get money. Let me point this out, lots of money. So, bila nak raya!!.

8. Hate me or love me

Do not let people underestimate you. Do what you want to do without any hesitation. You are living your own life. Whether people hate you or love you, it is still your life and you cannot let other people control your life. "Hate it or love it the boy is on top, and I am going to shine until my heart stops."

9. I love you, mama

This song is dedicated to my mother. Without her I am no one in this world. She is my inspiration. I love you mama.

10. Sunrise

Every day is a new day. Make the best out of it. Try to improve compared to yesterday and hopefully that tomorrow will be better.

I hope that you all will buy and enjoy my album. Thank you for your time.

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Liyana Nazri said...

Cerita kedai mamak! Nice one :)