Friday, August 21, 2009

10 Facts About Me

Hello, Hello, Hello again. This time I'm going to write 10 facts about me.

1. I hate dogs

Why is it that I hate dogs? It might be the fact that dogs always chase me!!. No matter when or where, they never know when to quit. Whether I'm on a motorcycle or walking on foot, they will perform their best to scare the hell out of people.

2. I like salt or anything that is salty.

Whatever that I eat, I will make sure that my food is salty enough so that I would enjoy it to the fullest.

3. I like to play sports.

Being aggressive and being able to sweat is my hobby. I like to play both basketball and futsal. Everytime I play basketball, all of my problems would go away for a moment. That is the best part about sport. It helps to free your mind.

4. I used to be bald.

Actually, I used to be bald when I'm in form 4 until form 5. Being bald is a good thing. I don't have to buy hair cream all the time and my head will always be cold. But now, it is a different environment, different environment requires different style. Honestly, I'm just talking trash, actually my girlfriend like my hair to stay this way, haha.

5. I have a problem when it comes to saving.

I am a spendrift. When I have a lot of money in my wallet, it is hard for me to not spend it at once. I once spend RM1000 in 2 weeks time. But that is a long time ago. That is why it is best for me to borrow from a friend rather than using my own money. Haha.

6. I like to eat fast food.

Any fast food such as Mcdonald, Kfc, Pizza Hut. Even though a lot of people say that fast food is not really good for our health, I still can't put my head up and say no. Maybe it is quite salty, especially Kfc's chicken.

7. My handwriting is ugly.

Many of my friends and lecturers said that my handwriting is ugly. I don't know why I can't and don't want to write neatly like everyone else. Maybe because of the fact that I am a lazy person. Anyway, I don't mind about what others say about my handwriting, as long as I can read it, that is fine with me. But when it comes to final examination or test, I will put my effort on my handwriting neatness.

8. I am the youngest one in the family.

I would love to have a little brother or sister to bully. Haha.

9. Loves to sleep

Cannot comment much because everyone loves to sleep. Haha.

10. I hate movies that does not give any positive message.

Films like G.I. JOE, Aliens vs Predators, Star Trek and so on is too boring for me because it does not provide any clear message why that movie is created. I like movie that make sense and gives an impact on a daily life basis.

Thank you. That is all for now.

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