Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Classmates

Hello once again to all of you, for this entry I would like to share and describe to all of you about my classmates one by one.
First, I will start off with the gentlemen,
1) Hafiz
He is my close friend ever since in high school. We have known each other for about 6 years. A lot of painful and sweet memories that I have been through with him. I can describe everything about him such as the way he eats, the way he talk and especially the way he sleeps. But, I'm not going to describe it here. For those long years together, I can say that he is a good friend.

2) Dhamiri
He is a really funny guy. Even though he looks like a drug addict with his sleepy eyes, he actually has a good heart. This is because he respect people who is much older than him and love to make people laugh with his spontaneous jokes. Other than that he likes to wear tight shirt. He is actually a smart guy, is just that he is lack of self-confidence.

3) Afiq
He stayed in Sempana Riau in the same wing as me. That is why we always go to class together.
Other than that, Afiq always get bullied by many of us guys but he never took it personally. He understands that we as guys love to make jokes and tease people. Afiq shows a lot of improvement this semester with his studies compared to previous semesters. Good job Afiq.

4) Zaki
This is me.

5) Kashfi
He is the tallest person in class. He is a very lazy guy when it comes to paying attention in class. Sometimes he will fell asleep in class unintentionally. But when it comes to test or final examination, he will score high marks. That shows that he is a smart guy, its just that he is lazy.

6) Evra
To me he is a confident guy because he is not shy to share his thoughts or ask question in class. He is always the one who recite prayers in statistics and finance class. He seems to be a bright student.

7) Frankie
Frankie is one of the unique person in my class. This is because he is really creative and his ideas is spontaneous. He like politics and anything that have to do with it. He can gives a lot of ideas when it comes to presenting something in class. But many do not realize the talent that he has because of his nervousness when speaking in public. Therefore many will think that he is clumsy and not smart. So Frankie, I think you need to find a way to cure your nervousness.

8) Shukri
I think Shukri is a responsible and a brilliant student when it come to studies. He is kind of quiet in class plus he is new in my class. Therefore, I cannot say or comment much about him. Overall he is a nice guy.

Now I am going to describe the ladies,
1) Suatika
She is a quiet person in class but she is a very helpful person. I still remember the time she photostat the past year question for me. Thank you Suatika.
2) Leen
Leen is one of those girls who have a high self-confidence especially when it comes to volunteering to answer a question in class. She is also a smart student. She put her effort in doing her assignment and task given by lecturer.
3) Anis
She seems like a quiet person. I'm sorry I don't know what to say about her. I wish I could have known her better.
4) Nadiah
She seems like a nice girl to me. She is close to Ita from what I can see. They look like best friend who can never be separated. Other than that, she is very focus in class.
5) Nisa
She seems like a nice girl. She likes to smile and that may attract a lot of people to be friend with her.
6) Wanie
She is also a quiet person in class. From what I can see, she is very focus in class. I hope you can get a good CGPA.
7) Siti
She is from Sg.Buloh. That means she is my neighbour. I am proud to have people from Kepong in my class. Haha. Other than that, she seems to be a friendly person and a talkative kind of person. She is close to Lana and Sina.
8) Sina
She is the chubby one in class. She is friendly to everyone including the boys. I have no problem talking to her since she is very sporting.
9) Surriyah
This is my favourite girl in class. Haha, I don't mean favourite as a lover or anything, it's just that I like to tease her in class especially during BEL class. She seems to be a friendly girl and easy to talk to. She is very helpful to me especially in BEL class. She always help me whenever I need help. Thank You Sue.
10) Faina
She is also a quiet girl in class. But quiet doesn't mean empty. She is a very smart girl, it's just that she doesn't like to show off.
11) Liyana
She is also one of the cutest girl in class. She is quite short but not too short. She is a smart girl when it comes to studies. She is also a friendly girl who have no problem talking to guys.
12) Ita
She and Nadiah are close friends, I think. It is because they seem to be together all the time.Other than that, I like the way she talks. There is something unique about the way she talks, but I don't know what it is. She is a very polite girl.
13) Hidayah
She is also one of the cutest girl in class. I like the way she smiles, it looks very sweet. Other than that, she seems to be a hardworking person. She is also not afraid to ask question to a lecturer or to a friend.
14) Lana
One of the smartest girl in class. She is very fluent in English same as Kashfi. She is not afraid to fight back whenever she is not satisfied with something. That makes her one of a kind, Haha. Overall she is brave and confident.
15) Ila
She seems to be a hardworking type of person. She is always focus in class. That is all I can say, I don't know her that much. I wish I could have known her better.
16) Shima
She is also one of the quiet one in class. She doesn't talk to me that much therefore I cannot describe her in details. I'm sorry Shima.
17) Mira
She is a nice person. She also help me a lot especially in BEL class. She is a hardworking student from what I can see.
That is all from me for now.


Izuan said...

Zaki, I smiled when I read this particular entry. Don't ask me why.

Watch your entry's organization.

sue said...

You're welcome