Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Subjects This Semester II

Hello again to all my fellow blogger out there, today I am going to write a new entry regarding my subjects for this semester. The title of this entry is similar to the past one, only this time I'm going to appraise all the lecturers and the subjects that they have thought me in this semester.

First of all, I would like to praise Sir Izwan for all of his dedication and hard work to ensure that our class can complete the term paper and get a high mark for BEL 311. Honestly, at the start, I did not like to do the term paper at all because it looks boring and it seems like we need to put a lot of effort and work in doing it. However, as time passes by, I started to like doing all of the past exam questions because I started to realize that the reason why he asked us to do a lot of past exam questions is because it can help us a lot especially during the real final exams and the real term paper that we are supposed to do which carries 30% of our carry mark. Lastly, I would like to say thank you very much to Sir Izwan for teaching me a lot of things concerning the subject BEL 311.

The next subject is FIN 262 which have been taught by En. Syamsyul. I really respect En Syamsyul because he is quite different from other lecturers. He respect us as a student and in return we respect him as a lecturer. His teaching really gives a huge impact to our studies. Almost everyone get a high mark for test 1 and test 2 because of his teaching. Everybody can catch up because his technique and formula can make students understand easily. Lastly, I hope that I can get an A for this subject.

The next subject is Macroeconomics. The lecturer that taught our class is P.M Abdullah. He is one of my favorite lecturer because of his sense of humor. He always make jokes in class which make it more cheerful to learn. Even though his lecture is kind of fast, but to me it won't be a problem since he only pointed out the important point. Overall, he is a nice lecturer and I hope that I can get an A for this subject even though I hated economy ever since secondary school.

Next is Mandarin, this is an interesting subject, but I still can't master this subject. It is so hard for me to catch up. The lecturer is Zhang Laoshi. She is a good lecturer who wants her students to conquer mandarin, maybe its just me who is lazy to learn something new. It's like a little kid learning to talk again. Generally, I'm not too desperate to get an A for this subject since it is only 2 credit hours. I just hope that I pass.

Next is CTU 241. The lecturer for this subject is Us. Nawawi. He is a one of the funniest lecturer that I know. He always do funny things in class like acting like a little kid, teasing the girls, listen to music when we are having a test and even teasing other lecturers. Besides that, he is a good lecturer who taught us many good things concerning Islam.

Next subject is Statistics, this subject is taught by our new lecturer, En. Zaki or Sir Zack. Sir always make us participate in class by calling out names and answer a question on the board in front of the class. Whenever we have a question or need a personal time with him, we can make an appointment and then he will meet us personally in his room. He is kind of a strict person. For those who came in late to class, will be locked outside. Other than that, he is a good lecturer.

My last subject or co-curriculum for this semester is Basketball. I choose this subject because I like to play basketball. I love to play sports. I have been playing basketball ever since I was a little kid. Even though I like futsal more than basketball, but I still can't stop my addictiveness for this game. You should try it, it's fun. I hope that I can get an A for basketball.

To sum up, I would like to apologize to all the lecturers if I had done something wrong that might have hurt or touch your feelings throughout the semester. To all my friends, good luck for the final exam. Thank you.

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And I'm going to miss your lively weekly discussion with Afiq, Kash & Frankie. Terribly.